Walk behind auto Scrubbers

Micro Scrubbers


12-17 inch Automatic Walk-Behind Scrubbers come in disc or cylindrical set ups.   They are extremely maneuverable and easy to store. 

These highly maneuverable machines see use in:

Kitchens, Restrooms,  Corporate/Medical/ Dental Offices or Laboratories

Compact Scrubbers


20-24 inch Automatic Walk-Behind Scrubbers are know for versatility.  They are often all that is needed for most jobs.  Compact scrubbers come in disk, orbital, or cylindrical scrub configurations.

Best for medium sized cleaning jobs like:

Schools, Hospitals,  Warehouses, Retail, Churches, Studios

Large Scrubbers


26-34 inch Automatic Walk-Behind Scrubbers are the heavy duty and high productivity machines of the industry.  These units may come in disc, orbital, or cylindrical configurations.

Tackle the big cleaning projects such as:

Schools, Malls, Warehouses, Retail, Hangars 

Rider Scrubbers

Micro Rider Scrubber


20-24 inch Automatic Micro Rider Scrubbers are easy on the operator, yet they offer increased productivity.   They are agile and  effective.

Best for medium sized cleaning projects like:

Garages, Schools, Hospitals,  Warehouses, Retail

Rider Scrubber


26-36 inch Automatic Rider Scrubbers are the amazing machines that clean the largest areas a short time.  Large tanks and long run times combined with a wide cleaning path ensure that large jobs are completed quickly.

Easily clean large areas like:

Schools,  Warehouses, Malls, Manufacturing Facilities